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Pro Set issued a set of trading cards based on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, covering all of the episodes from season one and one episode from season two. The series contained 114 cards, with 95 story cards, 8 fold-out hidden treasure cards, 10 3-D cards and a 3-D viewer. A trading card binder was also released.[1] The cards were sold in packs containing 10 cards, one of which would be a 3-D card and also included was the 3-D viewer. The retail display box contained 36 packs. The story cards covered the following episodes:

Each story arc subset would contain one card, usually the last in the subset that would highlight a notable historical figure met by Indiana Jones in that story. The exception to this is that there is no historical figure from German East Africa, and so Albert Schweitzer is used as card 80 to connect the two African story arcs. Unlike the Topps trading card series based around the films, the Pro Set cards do not have individual titles.

The card set contains the copyright year of 1992, during which the show's first season was aired. The episode "Peking, March 1910" was originally scheduled to be the broadcast as the 11th episode of the first season, but was not aired in the United States until June of 1993 as part of the second season.

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