Thuggee acolytes

Thuggee Acolytes were the high-ranking priests in the Temple of Kali. Unlike the Thuggee foot-soldiers and slavedrivers, they wore white turbans and their faces were painted to resemble a skull. The turbans had a large red circle painted on them and were topped with a strange metal figurine. They accompanied Mola Ram to his sacrificial ceremonies, where they assisted him by preparing the steel cage. Some Acolytes wear red "skirts" and burn incense, while others wear white "skirts" and operate the wooden wheel and lever.

When it was time for the worshipers to pray before the Sankara Stones, three Acolytes placed them ceremoniously in the large stone skull at the base of the Kali statue. During Willie's sacrifice, Shorty escaped from the mines and freed Indiana Jones from his trance. Jones quickly came to and disrupted the ceremony, beating the guardsmen and pushing the Acolytes away from the wooden wheel. One Acolyte attacked Jones with an incense burner, smashing it across his face. Jones dodged and threw the priest into the lava, then pole-vaulted another spear-wielding Acolyte into the fire.

The Acolytes were rigidly precise in the way they walked and never spoke.

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The only weapons seen in their use was a spear and, in one instance, a rifle.

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