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Tibet is a country located in the Himalayan mountains, in central Asia. It has been an independent nation ruled by the Dalai Lama for centuries. Since 1950, it has been under the Chinese rule, and is widely known for its mountains, monks, yaks, snow leopards and other furry creatures. It's capital is Lhasa.

Indiana Jones has visited Tibet a few times in his life.

Adventures in Tibet[]

During the later half of World War I, Indiana Jones was contacted by his friend Cheng by telegram. He told him about a mustard gas device deal that was going to take place in a tower on a mountain near Lhasa. Indy arrived in Tibet, avoiding fish as he jumped over gaps on a frozen-over lake. He climbed a mountain while making sure to steer clear of bharal, capuchin monkeys and monks then entered a tower, dodging tigers before reaching the German agent and the Tibetan scientist and stopping the agent from acquiring advanced technology.

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