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―Tibetan Bandit[src]

A Tibetan Bandit was part of an equestrian band of thieves living in Tibet. He dressed in a brown robe, and kept his hair long, and was missing several of his bottom teeth.

In the summer of 1936, he and the rest of the band had snuck up on three Westerners outside a mountain cave, after there had been an explosion in the cave. As the three men ran, the thieves gave chase on horseback. The bandit was one of the lead riders in the group, and nearly caught up with the men when they reached an airplane starting to taxi in a valley. As the bandit started to reach off his horse to grab a man in a fedora, the bald man with the rifle tackled him into the inside of the plane. Cut off from his gang, the bandit was now outnumbered on the plane, and attempted to make friendly overtones. The plane fell off a cliff, and the bandit was thrown into the roof of plane cabin, alongside his fellow passengers. After the plane engines restarted, and the flight leveled off, he celebrated the close escape - then realized that he was an unwelcome visitor to the man in the fedora. The bandit was forced off the flying plane, with a parachute.

Behind the scenes[]

All of the bandit's spoken dialogue takes place in his local tongue, which may or may not have been understood by Indiana Jones.