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Tikal is a Mayan city located in Guatemala. It is one of the largest urban centers of the pre-Colombian Mayan Empire but it is claimed that survivors of Atlantis also came and ruled the place. Explorer John Lloyd Stevens heard stories of what is now Tikal in the 1840s.

In 1926, Dr. Indiana Jones and Victor Bernard discovered a king's tomb, filled with gold ornaments and other valuable artifacts, but some were then stolen by local huqertos, grave robbers. The discovery nearly ended in disaster, with one of the local workers killed by booby traps and, for a short while, Jones and Bernard were sealed inside the pyramid. They were then pulled out of a exit hole for bats, only to find that the other archaeologists were held captive by the grave robbers. Jones was able to rescue the rest of the team by escaping and killing one of the grave robbers. However, Jones' arm was grazed by one of the attacker's bullets.

Indy and Sophia outside a temple.

Dr. Charles Sternhart also studied a pyramid of Tikal, when visited by Indiana and Sophia Hapgood around 1939. Sternhart however would allow them to enter the pyramid only if the visitors knew the name of the Lost Dialogue of Plato (Hermocrates). Inside the pyramid, Indiana discovered a mechanism shaped like an elephant's head which revealed a tomb of a king - perhaps Atlantean. The tomb had an orichalcum bead and a Worldstone which Sternhart claimed before vanishing behind a secret exit.