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"I have had some unusual experiences, in which miracles seemed possible. Time travel, even."
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Time travel is the concept of being able to move back into the past or forward into the future.


In an account attributed to Merlin, the wizard was able to travel through time with the powers of the Omphalos and Stonehenge.[1]

Around October 1913, while staying in England with his father, Indiana Jones was briefly displaced from his present and experienced the aftermath of the fall of Camelot to the invading Anglo-Saxons.[2]

Two decades later, in 1934, after he had returned the Crystal Skull of Cozan to its temple in British Honduras, Jones struck his head while fleeing a giant anaconda then found himself perceiving the city back when it was inhabited. There, he witnessed the sacrifice of a slave girl by the native Cozanians in the Skull's presence. Jones found that he had little interaction with his surroundings so could not prevent the slave being stoned to death. Back in the ruins of the city, Jones noticed a rock at his feet which was covered in hair and fresh blood.[3]

He later sought out a fellow Princeton University professor for advice.[3]

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In an interview with The Indy Experience, Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx author Max McCoy revealed that he had intended to include time travel in a larger sequence for his novel but creatives pushed against the story mixing genres with science-fiction.[4]


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