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Tokyo, April 1910 was an unproduced episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which would have been part of the third season of the series. The subject of the episode was to have been marine biology with the theme being "What is Honor? Or Interpendence of Species".

In this episode, a ten year old Indiana Jones would visit Peers School in Tokyo, Japan, where his father Henry would be teaching. He would meet a Samurai instructor, who teaches him the ways of Japan, discussing the importance of information and education in Japanese society. On a trip to the coast, Indy encounters a local fisherman and discusses the ocean with him. Indy would meet General Nogi Maresuke and the future Emperor Hirohito, the latter of whom would have go whale-watching with Indy that leads to a shark attack. The boys would have been ultimately rescued by the samurai.

While the episode went unproduced, Hirohito was referenced as part of the West End Games roleplaying game supplement Indiana Jones and the Rising Sun (1994) and later mentioned in the novel Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx (1999). Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide (2008) later made mention that Helen Margaret Seymour got to see the gardens of Kyoto during the world lecture tour.

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