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The Tomb of Archimedes was the resting place of part of the Antikythera as well as Archimedes himself.


Following the murder of Renaldo at Doctor Jürgen Voller's hands and the discovery of the Grafikos tablet, the American archaeologist Indiana Jones, Helena Shaw and Teddy Kumar journeyed to Sicily. They went to a town near the Ear of Dionysius. Whilst there, Teddy was kidnapped by Voller and his Neo-Nazi associates, Indy and Helena stole a wedding car to get to the cave.[1]

The two of them entered into the Ear of Dionysius and saw light coming from an opening. Indy and Helena climbed up to the light and Indy took the chance to comment on several of the worst experiences of his life, like how he was drugged by the Black Sleep of the Kali Ma, tortured with Voodoo and shot nine times, including once by Helena's father Basil, causing Shaw to laugh. Eventually, the two reach a wooden bridge, which they crossed. They then went into a dark cave, encountering insects and spiders in the process.[1]

After the momentary scare, the two were able to brush the bugs off and keep going deep into the caves. The two proceeded into a temple, where Helena began to cough due to the toxic air and Indy inspected a pool of water. Indy recalled that Archimedes was fascinated with water displacement and kicked several rocks in to the pool and asked Shaw to help. Suddenly, the pool drained, causing Helena and Indy to fall into the Tomb of Archimedes.[1]

Meanwhile, Voller and his associates continued to follow them. Teddy attempted to escape but got recaptured and handcuffed to Hauke. Soon after, Voller and his associates crossed the bridge that Jones and Shaw had taken. However, Hauke and Teddy crossed the bridge but the teen's struggles and Hauke's large frame unbalanced the bridge, tipping them into the underground river but not before Teddy was able to get the key for the handcuffs off of Hauke.[1]

The current quickly separated them from the others. Teddy was able to escape the handcuffs and locked Hauke to a metal grate, where he drowned, while Teddy was able to swim to safety. Meanwhile, in the tomb, Jones and Shaw encountered Archimedes' sarcophagus and successfully discovered the other half of the Antikythera; however, Shaw noticed a phoenix image which included propellers, and a modern-looking wristwatch interred with Archimedes caused the older archaeologist to remark that such devices would not be invented for thousands of years later. Shortly afterwards, Jones and Shaw were confronted by Voller and his associates.[1]

Voller demanded that Jones handed over the Antikythera, taunting him with the loss of his son Mutt Williams and his separation from his wife Marion Ravenwood due to the Vietnam War. Jones reluctantly gave Voller the Antikythera due to him holding Helena at gun point, allowing Voller to successfully reassemble the artifact. Nevertheless, Helena spotted Teddy hiding on a nearby statue. Teddy then jumped onto Klaber, provoking a shoot out between Jones and Voller's henchmen, during which Jones was able to wound one of the henchmen, but got shot in the shoulder.[1]

Teddy and Shaw escaped, reluctantly leaving Jones behind, who in turn was captured by Voller and his men and taken to their van. Shaw and Teddy attempted to follow them in the wedding car she and Jones had stolen from Sicily's streets, but discovered that the tires had been slashed so they found a bike and pursued them to an airfield.[1]



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