Tommy Allison was a dilettante that sought world travel.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The son of a wealthy business man, Tommy Allison started growing bored of his position in American high society and longed for the adventurous lifestyle like that of his youth. When he was older, Allison was expected to settle down take up his father's business but instead convinced his parent to finance a year's worth of travel around the world, and planned to extend the excursion by an extra one or two years.

The trip saw Allison journeying across Europe, for which he favored his Nash roadster, and the man also spent some months living with peoples of Java against his will.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Tommy Allison relied on his natural talents rather than a formal education. Time hunting with his father as a boy led to a proficiency with a rifle, but Allison didn't excel in any particular skill and he also suffered severely from acrophobia, a fear of heights as well as being unobservant.

While the world travel was an attempt to break away from both his father and position in the social elite, Allison still posessed a bias towards the poor and the journey instilled a strong sense of patriotism in the man who was willing to take up fights with anyone who insulted the United States of America. He did, however, pick up knowledge of the Javanese culture during his time on the island.

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