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A Tong is a secret society found in Chinese immigrant communities. Formed initially for mutual assistance and social activities, many became hubs for criminal activity.

In the 1930's, San Francisco's Chinatown was engaged in turf wars between competing tongs and the police. A man was killed by his uncle Li for his association with a tong in front of Indiana Jones who was eating at an open restaurant in the district.

Shih Ho was the leader of a San Francisco Tong that sought after a coffin that was supposed to contain the mummy of a Chinese emperor in 1936. Indiana Jones and the IRA were also after the coffin, which ended up containing the body of the IRA's operative in China.

Blind Duck was the leader of the Hip Chen Tong, and in 1939, he was hired by Magnus Völler to acquire the Jade Sphere from Archie Tan. Blind Duck and members of his tong kidnapped Tan and ransacked his office, but Indiana Jones defeated the Tong's men, and eventually saved his friend and retrieved the Jade Sphere.

While many Tong members were loyal to their organization, others switch allegiances for the right payment.



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