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The Tool from Beyond was a strange machine part kept by Marduk in the Aetherium. It had the ability to open permeable membranes seperating the Aetherium from Earth.

During his trek through the alien dimension in 1947, Indiana Jones acquired the part and used it to open up any portal he found to revitalize himself as staying too long in the Aetherium proved to be hazardous to his health. The portals he opened happened to lead back to certain locations he visited earlier in his adventure: Kazakhstan, Palawan Island, Teotihuacan, Meroe, and Babylon.

Unlike the other machine parts which were lost when the Infernal Machine self-destructed, Indy managed to keep the Tool from Beyond following the Aetherium's disappearance.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Its Babylonian Machine-part like appearance, alongside with its ability to open portals to reality, may suggest it was just as important as the other Machine parts, apparently meant to receive the Babylonian machine's inbound connection. However, the catastrophic damage to the Aetherium caused by Indy's over-use of the device probably explains why Marduk tried to keep the part secured away in his dimension; more and more breaches of reality would eventually pour into the Aetherium with each use, until the Aetherium itself would destabilize and cease to exist.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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