"Trail of the Golden Guns" is a two-part story presented in issues 26 & 27 of Marvel's Further Adventures of Indiana Jones comic book series. Part one was published in February 1985 and part two (titled "Trial of the Golden Guns") followed in March.

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Issue 26: "Trail of the Golden Guns"[edit | edit source]

Short Round rescues Indy from a pirate attack in the Carribean, where Indy had hoped to find evidence of Atlantis. Back at Marshall College, Elizabeth Cody (granddaughter of "Buffalo Bill" Cody) asks for Indy's assistance in recovering a pair of antique revolvers—stolen days earlier by an unscrupulous Russian count, Alexander Salkovich. With the encouragement of Efram Decker from the State Department, Indy and Cody travel to the Ukraine to hunt down Salkovich and the guns. They are met by a band of Cossacks, whose aging leader Uri Rostoff claims to have lost the revolvers to Buffalo Bill in a sharpshooting contest decades earlier. Rostoff offers to help recover the guns, as long as Cody agrees to stand in for her grandfather in a rematch.

Issue 27: "Trial of the Golden Guns"[edit | edit source]

Indy, Cody, and their Cossack allies storm Salkovich's fortress and retrieve the guns; Salkovich dies in the battle. Cody lets Rostoff win the sharpshooting contest, and Rostoff dies satisfied that his honor has been restored.

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