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A train is a series of connected vehicles that run along a railway track and transport people or freight.

Adventures with trains[]

It was on board the Dunn & Duffy Combined Circus train in 1912 that Indiana Jones developed ophidiophobia.[1]

During World War I, Jones narrowly avoided being hit by a locomotive as he fled Dusterstadt on a bicycle. The lengthy train being pulled also blocked his pursuing captors, aiding his escape.[2]

In 1939, while on the trail of the Staff of Moses, Indiana Jones boarded the Orient Express in Paris, France after finding the Shepherd and rode it to the east while being chased by Magnus Völler and German Soldiers.[3]

Nazi train

In 1944, Jones and his friend Basil Shaw had an encounter with Nazis Jürgen Voller and Weber on a Nazi loot train.[4]

Mutt Williams intercepted the archaeologist at Bedford station as he was leaving town on a train in 1957 and informed him of Harold Oxley's abduction.[5]

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