"We at Transatlantic Global can't let a bunch of wild-eyed darkies destroy generations of progress!"
Major Claude Reed-Whitby[src]
Transatlantic Global Mining was a European company that had mining operations in Peru.

In 1937, Claude Reed-Whitby was one of their employees, running their plan to thwart the agenda of various anti-European factions seeking control over Peru, including the American People's Revolutionary Alliance, the Communists, and the Neo-Inca movement. In Buenos Aires, Reed-Whitby befriended APRA member Julio Huertas, and at a Tango Palace, while accompanying Elise Farthington, was introduced to two new arrivals: Francisca Uribe Del Arco and Indiana Jones, who were tracking down Uribe's lost brother, Felipe Uribe, and wanted to check in with Farthington, Felipe's fiancee.

Later, Huertas told Reed-Whitby that Jones and Uribe had a map leading to the Chimu Taya Arms of Cuzco. Realizing that the Arms were better off not in the hands of his company's enemies, Reed-Whitby had a hired group of thugs disguise themselves as the Soldiers of the Sun to attack Jones and Uribe at the docks. The toughs, dressed an Incan warriors, and led by "Feathers", managed to capture Jones and Uribe, but Jones apparently swallowed the map and he and Uribe dove to escape.

Reed-Whitby, "Feathers" and his goons eventually caught up with Jones in Pachacuti's tomb near Lake Titicaca. Seizing the Chimu Taya Arms, Reed-Whitby explained their plot with Jones at gunpoint, only to have Felipe Uribe and his Neo-Incans arrive. The Transatlantic Global team opened fire on the real Incan warriors, killing several of them, but when they ran of out ammunition, they were slaughtered by the spearmen.



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