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Travel with Indiana Jones: Locations (shortened to Travel with Indy: Locations on the DVD menu) is a short documentary describing some of the real world locations used in the filming of the Indiana Jones movies. It has a running time of about 10.5 minutes. A special feature on the 2008 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Special Edition DVD release, it was later included with the films on the Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD collections.

The documentary also has the option of being played with pop-up trivia which adds additional details about Indy shooting locations for all four films.

Publisher's summary[]

Travel across the world to discover where the films take place and where they were shot.


While it contains short interviews with Harrison Ford, Frank Marshall, and Karen Allen, the bulk of the documentary comes from interviews with producer Robert Watts.

Watts describes filming in Kauai (for South America), France (for the U-boat scenes), Tunisia (for Egypt), Elstree Studios (for set work) for Raiders of the Lost Ark.

For Temple of Doom, Watts traveled all over India scouting for sites, including a palace in Jaipur, and then Sri Lanka (for India), Elstree (for the bridge and interior scenes).

For Last Crusade, Watts used Almeria, Spain (Hatay and the plane-tunnel scenes), and Granada (for Iskenderun train station), England (for sets and some building shots, like the Berlin bookburning rally), and Venice, and Petra, Jordan (Grail temple), and the American southwest (Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico) for River Phoenix's scenes as the younger Indiana Jones.

Watts also discussed the selection of mountains for the Paramount Pictures logo to merge with for the film openings for the first three films.

The documentary closes with Marshall briefly previewing some of the shooting locations for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


  • Written, Directed and Produced: Laurent Bouzereau
  • Edited by: Don Stroud
  • Directors of Photography/New Interviews: Alec Ceschi, Shaun Donahue, Ron Siegel
  • © 2008 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved