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***[[Aristotle's theater]]
***[[Aristotle's theater]]
**[[Thessalonke]] {{C|On map}}
**[[Thessalonike]] {{C|On map}}
*[[Bering Strait]] {{Mo}}
*[[Bering Strait]] {{Mo}}
*[[New Jersey]], [[United States of America]] {{Mo}}
*[[New Jersey]], [[United States of America]] {{Mo}}

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This article is about The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones film. You may be looking for the TV movie from which it was edited: Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father.

Travels with Father is the fourth film in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. The film was cut from the TV movie Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father, which originally aired on television on June 16, 1996. The film version solely includes the Russia and Greece segments, and cuts out the Princeton segments, which were instead cut into Winds of Change

Publisher's summary

The world-wide trip that Henry Jones, Jr. embarks upon in the early 1900s next takes him and his family to Russia. A fit of clumsiness lands Junior into hot water with his father. Not bearing any more punishment, Indy runs away into the Russian countryside. He encounters an odd, cantankerous old man named Leo Tolstoy, who is in full agreement that hell is other people. Both are running away to seek a simpler life. They cross the countryside, encountering colorful Gypsies and avoiding fierce Imperial Cossack troops. The hardships of the journey make Indy homesick, but he won't soon forget his journey with the stubborn old man.

Indy's next destination is Greece, where his mother Anna realizes that father and son need to spend more time together. The two bristle at each other's company as they explore the sites of ancient Greece, but Henry finally reaches past Indy's impudence and stubbornness when the topic turns to philosophy and the teachings of Aristotle. A series of misadventures lead them to an isolated monastery perched high on the peak of a mountain. While studying in the library, Indy meets Nikos Kazantzakis, the writer who would some day write Zorba the Greek. Lessons on causality come in handy on the harrowing trip in a tiny cage reeled up a thousand-foot mountainside.


Cast and Characters





DVD Release

The film was released on DVD in 2007 as part of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume One, The Early Years (Disc 6). The disc also contained four companion historical documentaries.

DVD Chapters

Chapter titles are not official, but merely an aid to navigating through the DVD.

  • 1: Opening credits, Arrival in Russia, Disaster at the wedding
  • 2: Hitting the road with Tolstoy, shoe repairs and a shared apple.
  • 3: Welcome in the village, Escaping from the military, A worrying family, Waking up in a barn
  • 4: A baseball lesson, riding with Gypsies
  • 5: Gypsy campfire stories, Cossack attack, Refusing refuge in a church, Miss Seymour takes ill
  • 6: Deciding to go home, visiting the Tolstoys
  • 7: Leaving Russia, visiting the Parthenon, Caring for Miss Seymour, the Jones men head out
  • 8: A lesson in philosophy and logic
  • 9: Journeys on the road: Travels with chickens, goats, Aristotle and Plato
  • 10: Arrival at the monastery, Receiving a homework assignment
  • 11: Working on an assignment with Nikos Kazantzakis
  • 12: Danger on the descent
  • 13: Reaching the top, and the return back to Athens
  • 14: End credits

Companion Historical Documentaries

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