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A Nazi soldier took the position of troop carrier passenger in 1938 when he and some of his companions mounted a troop carrier in the Republic of Hatay during their pursuit of the Holy Grail. He served under the orders of Colonel Ernst Vogel.


In 1938, after Walter Donovan negotiated with the Sultan of Hatay in order to acquire vehicles and soldiers for their search of the Holy Grail, the Nazi soldier and his companions were assigned to mount one of the troop carriers given to them by the Sultan.

The troop carrier is destroyed.

During Indiana Jones' attempt to rescue his father, Henry Jones Sr., and Marcus Brody from Colonel Vogel's tank, the soldier's troop carrier approached with the intention of reinforcing Vogel's efforts to kill the archaeologist. Inside the tank, however, Henry Jones managed to overcome his own assailant and used one of the cannons to blow up the troop carrier, effectively killing the soldier and his comrades.

Behind the scenes[]

"Like most stunt performers working for months on a movie, you will see me all over the place, fighting Indiana, falling off the bridge and getting blown up in a German truck."
Dickey Beer[src]The unnamed troop carrier passenger was played by stuntman Dickey Beer in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Beer also served as Kevork Malikyan's double and played the Second Man in the same film and had previously played several Thuggees in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


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