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"Who are you?"
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"We'd better get paid."
―Henchman in the Turban[src]

This turban-wearing henchman was in the employ of Ali Bey-Faisal, along with another man with a goatee, when Bey-Faisal was working with René Belloq in 1931. He may have been involved in the theft of several of the mammalian Wohat Statues from different museums.

The night after the Lion statue was stolen, he accompanied Bey-Faisal to the Barcelona History Museum as part of a plan to trick Indiana Jones into leading them to the Invincible Ruby. At the museum, they discovered Jones and Ballantine Gruber at the display pedestal from where the Lion Wohat statue had been stolen. Gruber accused them of being the same men who had stolen the Wohat crocodile statue from the New York Museum of History. This henchman seized Gruber, who cried out to Jones for help. Passing Gruber over to the other men, this henchman ran after Jones, and followed him onto a fire escape. He attempted to grab Jones' legs on the stairs above him, but ended up with Jones stomping on his hand. After his partner had caught up to Jones on the upper landing, and then fallen over the railing with Jones, the man in the turban tried to catch his falling comrade, but the fire escape snapped off, and both men fell to the ground.

Several days later, he went with Bey-Faisal and the other henchman to follow Jones to Ali Bey's Palace in Kenya. After Jones had figured out how to arrange the five statues to open the palace door, the three stepped out of the jungle and captured Jones. While his boss and Jones chatted, he stood by, and was caught unaware when Gruber pistol-whipped his boss.

After Jones and Gruber had fled into the palace, the henchman was the first one into the ruins, with orders to find and kill the pair. Eventually, the other henchman was able to locate the men, and Bey-Faisal ordered them to leave. Hired to see the mission through to the end, the henchmen refused to go, but Bey-Faisal drew his pistol and forced them away. The man in the turban vowed that he would get paid, but he and his partner left.

It is not clear whether they were still in the palace when it later collapsed.