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Turkdean Barrow was a Neolithic burial mound located near Hazleton.


Indy lecturer

Indiana Jones teaching Archaeology 101 at Marshall College.

Comprised of a central passageway connected to three cists, Turkdean Barrow was a Neolithic burial mound located near Hazleton. However, local legend grew around the site which claimed that a golden coffin was hidden at Turkdean Barrow and led to the structure being considerably damaged by treasure hunters digging for the mythic artifact. The attempted looting consequently made it difficult for later archaeological study but one of the chambers survived intact and was able to be dated thanks to other grave items uncovered in the area.

In 1936, Indiana Jones used Turkdean Barrow as an example for his Archaeology 101 on the threat of folklore to excavations.

Behind the scenes[]

Turkdean, as with Hazleton, is a village in Gloucestershire, a county in southwest England. The Turkdean Barrow of Raiders of the Lost Ark, including its gold coffin, appears to be an amalgam of several existing sites around the county.

The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones later associated Indiana Jones' 1936 Archaeology 101 lecture with the real-world Hazleton Long Barrows specifically, a decision that introduces an anachronism as that site wasn't excavated until 1979 - 1982, during which time Raiders was written, shot and released.



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