Turkey is a country situated in the union of Europe, Asia, the Mediterranean and the Black seas. Because of this it has been always a crossroads of civilizations and has a very rich history.

The current republic is the legal heir of the Ottoman Empire, which in turn was built over the ruins of the Greek Byzantine Empire. Once one of the most powerful states in the world, the Ottoman Empire declined till its defeat in World War I, when it was carved into colonies and spheres of influence by the victorious powers. This humiliation, accepted by Sultan Mehmed VI, led to the rebellion of Mustafa Kemal and the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in 1922. Kemal also expelled the Greek invaders, reached a new (and better) peace treaty with the Entente and profoundly changed the country, imposing an extensive program of laicism and westernization. Ismet Inonu, who succeeded Kemal as president of Turkey in 1938, continued his legacy. In 1939 Turkey annexed the brief Republic of Hatay.

Mount Ararat, in the easternmost part of the country, is believed to be the place where Noah's Ark landed in the aftermath of the Deluge.

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Grail tablet.

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Rob MacGregor, author of the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade novelization, was directed by Lucasfilm Ltd. to remove all references to Turkey in the book, present in the film's earlier versions, replacing it with Hatay.[2]

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  1. The character in Masks of Evil is just named "Sultan". Yet it's quite safe to assume that this character is Mehmed VI as he was the Ottoman Sultan in September 1918 in real life.
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