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"We got 'em now, Bobby... might as well a' painted a target on 'er!"
―Unnamed Blueshirt[src]

The unnamed Blueshirt was a wavy haired Irish man who part of Connely's group of Blueshirts, members of a right-wing pro-fascist paramilitary political organization in Ireland, which were in league with the Nazi Dieterhoffmann. He had a slight mustache, and tended to be in charge of Bobby and Pete.

In March 1945, he along with Pete and Bobby had assembled at Connely's Inn, when Connely used a radio to contact Dieterhoffmann about the activities of one of the guests, Indiana Jones. When Connely received word to kill Jones, the three thugs tried to get him in his room with Pete in the lead. Jones hit Pete with a glass-framed picture of Jesus Christ before escaping with his assistant, Brendan O'Neal. Riding along with Bobby, the unnamed Blueshirt shot at O'Neal's car with his pistol. Many miles down the road, the Blueshirts caught up to O'Neal's vehicle, and he shot it, causing the natural gas storage bag on top to explode. Hopping out of his car, he investigate the flaming wreck and determined that his target had escaped.

Searching around for their fleeing targets, he spotted them in a horse-drawn cart. Back in Bobby's car, they followed the cart to a town on the coast. When Jones started throwing off bags, Bobby swerved, crashing into a construction hole. His partner got out, and caught up with Pete, who had followed in a second car. On foot, they chased after Jones and O'Neal toward the ferry dock. Pete managed to shoot O'Neal, but the two escaped on the ferry, leaving the Blueshirt on the dock with Pete.

Several days later, the unnamed Blueshirt was at Connely's Inn with the rest of his associates when the Nazi group seeking the Spear of Longinus arrived, bringing with them a hostage. He did not get involved when Jones held Bobby at knifepoint, trying to negotiate with Dieterhoffmann for Rebecca's release. He also stayed out of the fray when Pete and Connely attacked Kurt, who accidentally killed Bobby, and when Jones and Stein escaped, with Seigfried's piece of the Spear of Longinus.