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Uppsala is one of the major cities in Sweden. The modern town was built as a port outside the more ancient settlement built to the north which served as a major center for Norse pagan religion and seat of the Swedish monarchy. In 1164, the ancient town was home to the first Christian archbishop in Scandinavia, as the church sought to co-opt the pagan rites. In 1477, Scandinavia's oldest university was founded in Uppsala, and the city has been a major ecclesiastical and university hub for Sweden since then.

In the winter 1930, Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody stayed in a hotel in Uppsala, while hoping to find the Temple of Old Uppsala, located in the ancient town. Because the blizzard was so fierce, Brody was unable to find guides to take them to the ruins. Fearful of being beaten by Forrestal, Jones set out on foot alone from the town.

Jones later returned to town, having found the Temple with Theresa Lawrence, but having been sealed in after she took Baldur's Ring. Jones recovered from the cold by warming himself in front of the fire in the hotel. From there, Jones and Brody planned their next move: recovery of the ring from the British Museum.[1]

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