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"It holds the secrets of an entire civilization thought gone forever. Enough material to change the face of pre-Christian European scholarship."
Theresa Lawrence[src]

The Uppsala Scroll was a scroll with Norse writing and artwork. It was kept in a storage room of the Temple of Old Uppsala.


"You told me this text held the lost secrets of the greatest warriors the world has ever known. I require proof."

In 1930, Theresa Lawrence and Indiana Jones entered the Temple of Old Uppsala and found their way to the storage room, while trying to reach the chamber with Baldur's statue and the treasured artifact of Baldur's Ring. Jones pulled the scroll out and discovered that it had a map of the temple and kept it, to use as a guide. The pair reached Baldur's chamber and Lawrence claimed the ring, and left Jones sealed inside. Jones later escaped but as Lawrence left the temple with the ring, she was approached by a pistol-waving Frenchman, who claimed that the scroll was the more valuable than the ring.

When Jones arrived at the British Museum to steal the ring back, Lawrence explained the value of the scroll, which Jones had kept, but hadn't told his partner, Marcus Brody about. Jones realized that Lawrence's assailant was Belloq, who at that time, was robbing Brody of the scroll in their London room. Knowing that Belloq would try to unload the scroll quickly, Lawrence and Jones teamed up to recover the scroll.

Veidt's transformation.

Belloq took the scroll to Marrakesh, to meet with his would-be buyer, Krause, who arrived with some Nazi soldiers. Krause was interested in the secrets held in the scroll, and Belloq demonstrated one of its secrets - a recipe for a drug that would turn men into berserking "Men of Odin". One of Krause's men, Veidt took the drug and transformed into a muscular beserker, proving the value of the information of the scroll. In disguise, Jones grabbed the scroll before Belloq could complete the transaction, and fled into the marketplace. Chased by Nazis, Jones knocked over a belly dancer before trying to escape on horseback through the streets. Jones was eventually cornered by the Nazis, and Belloq took the scroll back and gave it to Krause. Krause unrolled it and revealed it to be a copy of the Torah, the holy scriptures of Judaism. Jones had given the real scroll to Lawrence, disguised as a belly dancer. On the flight back to London, Lawrence met some tattooed men from Sweden who claimed to be from the Swedish National Museum in Sigtuna and were interested in the scroll. Naively, Lawrence gave the scroll to them. Back at the British Museum, Jones discovered Lawrence's folly, and stole Baldur's ring from her as a consolation prize for their trip. While discouraged by the fact that the scroll might never been seen again, Jones was heartened that at least the Nazis didn't have it.