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"Carlos! Son demasiados! Vamonos!"
Uribe house attacker[src]

This unnamed Spanish-speaking thug attacked the Uribe house with his fellow accomplice Carlos in 1937.

After visiting professor Francisca Uribe Del Arco had received a package and had invited over Indiana Jones, the goon and Carlos drove up to the Uribe house. Ringing the doorbell, the pair waited at the front door. When a young man opened it, they pushed him aside and barged in, with Carlos reaching for the package. As Jones and Carlos fought in the parlor, the other thug managed to hold back the smaller young man from hitting him. The youth managed to land a punch in the thug's gut and escape.[1]

When Jones kicked Carlos out through the front window, his partner tackled the American and both tumbled through the window onto Carlos on the porch. Jones slammed a hanging flower pot into the thug's head while simultaneously kicking away Carlos' knife. While Carlos kept fighting Jones, the other goon noticed a gang of fraternity brothers coming to Jones' aid. Calling out to his fellow accomplice, he pointed at the burly frat boys and ran for the car, with Carlos hopping in after him.[1]

Secretly, the two thugs had been hired by Uribe as part of a plot to lure Jones into a trap to ruin his reputation, as vengeance for the apparent ruining of Uribe's father's reputation by Jones years earlier. Jones later revealed that he knew that Uribe was behind the attack on her own place.[1]


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