Hello there! I am Corey, but please feel free to call me CJ. I love making friends! I am a fanatic about the Indiana Jones series, my favorite movie being The Temple Of Doom. Please feel free to talk to me, or ask for help on making good articles. I am also a pretty big fan on Star Wars, so I hang around Wookiepedia also every once in a while. ^___^ Anyway, like I was saying, I am a fanatic about Indy, and love making friends! Please check out my new/first page, Rock crusher! Plus, my new coming soon page... The Mineshaft!

Please feel free to email me at   ColonelVogel612@yahoo.com   ! Thank you very much! ^___^

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Wookieepedia - The Official Star Wars Wikia

Animal Crossing Wiki - The Official Animal Crossing Wikia

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