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WARNING: This article contains spoilers!

It may seem this thought is out of the blue, but bear with me. If you have viewed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull you may have seen the characters surviving seemingly impossible situatons such as descending down a waterfall. The Crystal Skull, appears to actually be sentient although it is disimbodied. As it was able to communicate with people such as Indy and Oxley through mental communication. In being so, I believe it protected Indy and his comrades throughout his adventure, as it did wish to return to its' body and be reunited with the other aliens. I think this was hinted when the skull saved them from the Uggha warriors and the Siafu (the ants). I believe it also influenced the monkies and the ants to attack Spalko (possibly sensing her evil intentions), because the alien didn't appear to be fond of Spalko and later killed her.

This is my belief and I just wished to share it, it was what I thought made the movie make much more sense in some parts.

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