"Well, who wouldn't want to go to a place called Oosh-mahl?"
―Bert Brodowski[src]

Uxmal is a ruined city, built by the Mayan civilization, located on the Yucatan Peninsula, only 45 miles away south the modern city of Merida. The largest structure in Uxmal is the Pyramid of the Sorcerer and other structures include the Governor's Palace and the Nunnery Quadrangle. The city name is pronounced Oosh-Mahl, and was abandoned by the 1500s, and rediscovered in the 1800s.

In 1930, Franz Blom visited the site, including the Pyramid of the Sorcerer.

In July 1941, Jones and his pilot Bert Brodowski flew from Palmar Sur, Costa Rica to Uxmal to search for the current location of the entrance to the Akashic Hall of Records. Unfortunately, Jones' rival, the Nazi agent masquerading as as US Army Intelligence, Major Nichols, had arrived at Uxmal first, and hidden his plane.

While Jones found the entrance to the Hall of Records, Nichols ambushed Brodowski and forced her at gunpoint into the Pyramid, forcing a confrontation with Jones and Reginald Brooksbank, who had hidden in the Hall of Records. In the fight, Brooksbank was shot, and Nichols was destroyed by the Hall of Records, which moved its entrance to another location on the earth. Having escaped with their lives, Jones and Brodowski flew to Merida.

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