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VE1750 was an Italian vaporetto used by Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody to meet with Elsa Schneider in Venice, 1938.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, which exaggerates the story for comedic effect, as Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody leave the vaporetto, it can be seen that Jock Lindsey, a Thuggee guard, one of Willie Scott's dancers, René Emile Belloq, a man dressed in white, a female Mayapore villager and one of the Hovitos all appear as passengers dancing in line or talking to each other, even though some of them are canonically dead by 1938.[2] In the sequel, the VE1750 is absent, as Indy directly swims to Venice from the Portuguese coast.[3]


Notes and references[]