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The Valley of the Kings is a famous Egyptian location of archaeological interest. It was the royal necropolis of the ancient Egyptians, and several tombs of prominent ancient Egyptians were found on this location, including the tomb of the Pharaohs Tutankhamun and Thutmose I.


Indiana Jones first visited the Valley of the Kings in 1908, at which time there was considerable interest from Howard Carter and his team. Jones and his tutor Miss Seymour participated in the exploration of the tomb of the engineer Kha along with Carter, T.E. Lawrence and photographer Pierre Duclos. However, Carter was primarily concerned with discovering the location of Tutankhamun.

In 1913, Jones and his new friend Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir would be among the first to discover Tutankhamun's tomb while foiling the machinations of Gustav von Trappen, who planned to use the valley as a place to store munitions for an oncoming war. Von Trappen was later killed in an explosion and the two boys kept the discovery to themselves, which led to Carter officially uncovering the tomb of Tutankhamun almost ten years later.

Doctor Arvil Smythe recovered the Al Amir jewel from the Valley of the Kings during his expedition there.



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