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Coronado deck

The deck of the Coronado in 1938.

Vasquez de Coronado, also known simply as Coronado,[1] was a Portuguese[2] ocean-going freighter, and the private vessel of Panama Hat, so christened due to its owner's apparent obsession with Coronado.

It sank off the Portuguese coast in 1938 while Indiana Jones fought Panama's henchmen to reclaim the Cross of Coronado, after a large wave knocked one of its smokestacks onto its cargo of TNT, blowing the ship up. Jones and Bill Lawton were the only known survivors.


After American archaeologist Indiana Jones found himself onboard the gun-running vessel, Jones eventually acquired the antiquity[3] after twenty-six years of absence from the relic.[4] He was later apprehended because of a tip off (being the location of Panama Hat) in which he received from one of Panama Hat's crew members who claimed he wanted revenge against his boss due to stating that he had an affair with his wife, this now proven to be a set-up.[3]

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Boat Fight Talk

Indy exchanges brief words with Panama.

After Panama approached Jones and the two had a brief exchange of words, the old foe subsequently recovered the cross and ordered his seamen that the American be thrown overboard. Now with two deckhands each grabbing Jones by an arm approached the edge of the ship, Indy desperately resisting, the archaeologist used the grips of the two goons to lift himself, helping him propel his legs forward, and subsequently booted an awaiting seaman off the deck into the hellish sea. With one less to deal with Jones managed to fightback and gain the upper-hand immobilizing the two captors.[4]

The archaeologist then rushed for Panama, being struck by a violent ocean wave in the process but nevertheless catching up to him, jabbing the culprit in the face and taking back the cross for himself but only for a brief period as he himself was struck in the face by a goon making him release the relic. Grabbing the end of a fire hose, he swiped the heavy piece of iron across the deviants jaw knocking him clean out, followed up with a secondary swing against another thug in the chest making him hunch over and yet delivering another blow this time on the rear of the head sending him cleanly down.[4]

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Boat Fight Indy Attacks

Jones delivers a deadly blow

As the turbulent storm grew worse, the waves which broke over the bow threatened the cross by being washed overboard. Seeing this the archaeologist dashed back across the deck to the floor firmly grasping the priceless artifact in his hands saving it from eternal loss. Possessing what he got onboard for, he then scurried to the bow of the ship with another wave which flew over the deck knocking everyone off their feet. Being the first to recover he made his way to some stacked crates which littered the deck and were packed with TNT in preparation to climb them, though hastily double-punching two interferes in the process.[4]

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Boat Fight Recovery

The archaeologist recovers from a violent wave, artifact in hand.

After reaching the top of the crates he clasped a cargo hook, then swung on it landing into the hellish sea. This proved to be a wise decision as moments later another wave crashed over the ship which in turn smashed into the smokestack making it fall onto the crates of TNT below, erupting the cargo in turn destroying the ship leading to its sinking.[4] Only Jones and Captain Bill Lawton, who seemingly lend his men to Panama, survived the explosion.[5]

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Boat Fight Escape

Indy uses the cargo hook to escape.

Behind the scenes[]

During the development of Jeffrey Boam's script for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the Vasquez de Coronado was "Hernan Cortes - Lisboa", with the Cross of Coronado called the Cross of Cortes. However, as Panama Hat did not exist in those versions of the story, the sailors would fight Indy independently.[6]

There are some contradictions whatever the ship is owned by Panama Hat or is an indipendent ship. Some sourcers, like the Indiana Jones Heritage trading cards, identified the Coronado as owned by Panama;[1] while the novelization and the comic Indiana Jones and the Sargasso Pirates implies that the ship was simply hired by Panama.[3][5]

From Star Wars to Indiana Jones: The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives identifies as the ship as Portoguese,[2] while Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Storybook identifies it as Spanish.[7]

In LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, after the ship explodes, Panama Hat and some of his sailors manage to escape to a nearby islet and set up camp.[8]


Coronado sinks

The Coronado sinks.


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