"Herr Krause, I will eat the powder."

Veidt was a young Nazi soldier with blond hair, who accompanied Krause on his trip to Marrakesh in the winter of 1930.

Meeting in a darkened building with René Emile Belloq, Krause sought proof that the scroll's powers were real. Belloq produced a powder, developed using the scroll's information, that could create "Odin's Men" - beserkers. Veidt eagerly volunteered to sample the drug. At first, nothing happened, and Veidt commented that it tasted good. Then Veidt began transforming into a muscular beserker. Clutching at his uniform collar, Veidt ripped off his shirt in a rage, and screamed and began salivating. Stepping out of the room, he saw an old merchant and attacked him with his bare hands. When Belloq saw Veidt madly beat the man, he told Krause that there was only one way to stop a man of Odin, and Krause drew his pistol and shot Veidt dead.


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