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The Vikings were a seafaring people that came from Scandanavia in northern Europe who raided and traded with other parts of continent from around 800 to 1100. Their explorers are also credited with first reaching the North American continent.

Adventures with Viking archaeology[]

Vikings seized the Holy Grail following a raid on the monastery at Iona in the ninth century though it eventually fell out of their possession on the cup's journey to the Canyon of the Crescent Moon in Hatay.[1]

At some point in his career, René Emile Belloq traveled to Estray in the Orkney Islands off the coast of mainland Scotland where the lost treasure Viking pirate Magnus Redhand was thought to be. Years later, in 1937, Indiana Jones traveled to Estray in search of thief Amanda Knight and was attacked by Viking and Pict skeletons resurrected by sorcerer Ian Soames.[2]

In 1939, Jones recovered the battle-axe of Leif Erikson from a twelfth century Viking knarr in the North Atlantic which held ruins marking out a map of Vinland.[3]

That year Jones also took part in an expedition to an iceberg of the coast of Greenland where a Viking longship was trapped. However, an unearthly disc of interest to the Nazis was also encassed in the ice which, when freed, revealed itself to be a UFO and the Viking longship was lost to the ocean.[4]

Viking artifacts[]

  • Axe of Leif Erikson
  • Knarr
  • Viking longship



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