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"I will walk through fire for the devoted men of the Reich."
―Viktor Gantz[src]

Viktor Gantz was a Wehrmacht colonel and Nazi enforcer for Emmerich Voss.[2]


Around October 1937,[3] Colonel Viktor Gantz of the Wehrmacht formed an uneasy alliance with the Nazi psychologist Emmerich Voss, who manipulated him into teaming up with him despite his skepticism, to assist him into[2] leading a German task force into the Himalayas in pursuit of a stone relic tied to the mystery of the Great Circle. On board an abandoned battleship stranded among the frozen peaks, Gantz and his men encountered archaeologist Indiana Jones and his reporter companion Gina Lombardi already in possession of the artifact.[1]

When Gantz demanded the piece after mocking Jones for his apparent beliefs, Lombardi handed a similar sized grenade to him instead. In the fallout of the Nazi's efforts to be rid of the explosive, both he and Jones ended up falling from the ship.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Where's the stone? You American rat. Have you ever heard of höhenangst?"
"Fear of heights?"
"Yes! And I have it. I endure this dreadful mountain even if my mind was screaming every step of the way. Because of a concept you narrow minded Americans will never understand. Devotion. Total and absolute devotion to the fatherland. You have no purpose. What you have, is your stupid American cartoons. Choo-choo, choo-choo! [laughs] You laugh and dance celebrating your own idiocy and drinking the piss you call beer!
―Viktor Gantz and Indiana Jones[src]

A fiercely loyal man to his country, Viktor Gantz believed that devotion to the fatherland was above anything else and should make anyone face his greatest fears in order to serve well, even himself with his acrophobia, hence why he went to the high mountains of the Himalayas even though he internally didn't wish to do so.[1] He was skeptical of occultism, but was still able to assist Emmerich Voss after Voss skillfully manipulated him to do so.[2]

Like many Nazis, Gantz had a hatred for all things related to the United States of America and its people. When confronting the American archaeologist Indiana Jones, Gantz referred to him as an "American rat", referred to his people as "narrow minded Americans" who would never understand devotion, who laughed and danced celebrating their idiocy, drank a "piss" they called beer and even mocking their "stupid cartoons", mimicking a train while doing so.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

Victor Gantz will appear in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.[1]


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