Villehad Forssman was a Swede scientist who had several ideas about military improvement, including a shell-proof tank and one-man submarine. Anthony Fokker dismissed him as a maniac, not a genius.

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During World War I, Forssman designed the Pohl Giant created for the German military. This secret creation was first presented at the Ahlhorn Naval Base in 1917 where he met with Anthony Fokker, who Forssman considered a rival.

Admiral Werner and General von Kramer noticed that the two geniuses didn't get along. Fokker didn't consider others' projects worthy enough, but the German officials believed that Fokker could contribute to Forssman's ideas.

Forssman's Pohl Giant is destroyed.

Forssman toured the hydrogen processing factory of the base with the others and later, having been joined by flying ace Manfred von Richthofen, they were driven to the zeppelin hangar where the Pohl Giant would land. However, during the chaos caused by the presence of spy Indiana Jones, an explosion in the hangar started a chain reaction which engulfed the hangar in flame.

Forssman fled the vicinity with his companions but his prototype was destroyed.

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