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Wales is the smallest of the three countries on the island of Great Britain. It is located on a peninsula on the west coast, and borders England. The people of Wales are known as Welsh, and speak the Welsh language, which is different from English. In ancient times, Wales was known as the land of the Cymry.[1]

For centuries up to the modern times, Welsh fisher folk employ round boats known as "coracles".

Adventures in Wales[]

In October 1913, a young Indiana Jones visited the coal-producing parts of Wales, thwarted a plan to put a coal mine out of business, and braved an encounter with some ghostly equestrians.[2]

In 1936, Jones returned to Wales as part of an adventure involving the Arnhem Ring and Devil's Heart artifacts.[3]

One night in March 1945, Jones escaped to Wales from Glastonbury with his father, his assistant Brendan O'Neal, and their recently recruited driver, Rebecca Stein, with a piece of the Spear of Longinus, recently stolen from the Nazi agent Dieterhoffmann. While the others were fixing a flat tire, Jones climbed a hill to catch a nap. Instead, he received a vision from the mysterious blond woman, who warned him of upcoming wounds, but informed him that his escape lay beneath the water. Jones awoke to an attack by Dieterhoffmann's thugs, Kurt and Jorge. Dieterhoffmann had captured the elder Jones and Stein, but O'Neal had escaped. Reclaiming the piece of the spear tip, Dieterhoffman had Jones tied to a boulder and tossed into the lake, and then left with his captives toward Holyhead. Underwater, Jones found a piece of an ancient Celtic weapon in a trove of weapons and armor, and cut himself to freedom. Surfacing, Jones was pulled to safety by O'Neal, and the two of them procured transport to Holyhead.[1]

At the Holyhead ferry dock, Dieterhoffman's goons were hijacking the vessel when Jones and O'Neal tried to free their friends. The elder Jones managed to escape, and O'Neal snagged a piece of the Spear, but they were forced to retreat without saving Stein. While the Nazis left with the ferry, the Joneses and O'Neal found a tiny sailboat to track the Nazis to Ireland.[1]

After this adventure, but before August 1945, Jones returned to Wales in search of the lake with the weapons trove, but was unable to find it again.[1]

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