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Walter B. Harris was a British newspaper correspondent for the London Times who lived in Morocco for thirty years and had a home in Ouezzane. He wrote books on his experiences there, including Morocco That Was, as well as books on his travels to Yemen and Asia.


Indiana Jones met Harris in 1908 in Tangiers, Morocco when his family went to stay with him. Harris was a friend of Indy's father. Harris introduced the Jones family to Emily Keene. Harris showed young Henry how he would disguise himself as a native by using make-up and native garb in order to travel freely in the city to gather information that wouldn't be told to a European.

Indy, using Harris' makeup, and his friend Omar later ventured out into the marketplace where they were caught by slavers. Harris, feeling guilty for having taught Indy how to disguise himself, traveled across the desert on the slavers' trail. At a slave market in Marrakech, he was able to purchase Indy's freedom. Indy refused to leave without Omar, and helped Harris deceive other potential bidders to also buy Omar back. Harris restored Indy back to his anxious parents, and Omar back to service of the Sharifa.

Behind the scenes[]

Kevin McNally portrayed Walter Harris in the "Tangiers, 1908" segment, which was shot in 1996, and serves as the second half of My First Adventure.

Harris's books on Morocco include:

  • The Land of an African Sultan, 1889.
  • Tafilelt: the Narrative of a Journey of Exploration in the Atlas Mountains and the Oases of the North-West Sahara, 1895.
  • Morocco That Was, 1921.


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