Warrior Makeup is a special feature contained on disc two of the two-disc DVD set of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


The feature is a documentary showing Makeup Department Head Felicity Bowring and her team of twenty-six makeup artists preparing the two different types of Ugha warriors designed by Guy Hendrix Dyas.

The first type of warriors got encapsulated keloids made by a prosthetics company applied to the skin. Their heads were first shaved, and then artificial hair structures were glued to them. Their bodies got dirtied up and their teeth got blackened.

The second type of warriors, called "mud warriors", were simply covered from top to toe with mud made from a non-toxic clay. Bowring experimented with different mixings of such clays to get the right color.

Both types of warriors wore prosthetic ears with elongated earlobes into which a sort of nut cut in half was stuck.

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