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"The original Wearyall thorn was destroyed long ago by treesnipping pilgrims and replaced with an ordinary tree."
―Edwina Cheltingham[src]

Wearyall Hill is a hill, located outside Glastonbury, England, near Glastonbury Tor. It was believed to be the site of the Holy Thorn, a thorn tree reputed to have sprung up when Joseph of Arimathea planted his staff into the ground on the hill.

Adventures on Wearyall Hill[]

In March 1945, Henry Jones, Sr. had summoned his son, Indiana Jones to Glastonbury to help thwart a Nazi plot to find the Spear of Longinus. The younger Jones arrived with his assistant, Brendan O'Neal, and the three headed up Wearyall Hill while the professor explained the history of the Spear and how the Holy Thorn played into the legends.

Stopping at the tree he believed to be the Holy Thorn, the elder Jones began to touch the leaves but a warning stopped him. Edwina Cheltingham brusquely informed him not to harm the trees -- but her tone changed when the professor introduced himself and his colleagues. With a shared interest in history, Cheltingham provided some more information in the history of the thorn, which led the younger Jones to realize that the Nazis may have possessed the spear tip, but needed to re-make the shaft of the spear - from the Holy Thorn. Together, they plotted a way to separate out Seigfried to find out what he knew of the Nazi's progress.

Later that night, Cheltingham met the Joneses and O'Neal at the site of the real Holy Thorn at Glastonbury Abbey, and claimed that the Wearyall tree had died long ago from pious overpicking, but the Thorn lived on through a cutting at the Abbey.

Locations on Wearyall Hill[]

  • Original Site of Holy Thorn, since replaced with a common thorn tree


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