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The Wehrmacht was the unified military armed forces of Nazi Germany. It was created by the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in 1935 who took control of the entire Nazi military three years.

The Wehrmacht consisted of the German Army (Heer), Air Force (Luftwaffe) and Navy (Kriegsmarine).

Indiana Jones had many hostile encounters with the soldiers of the Wehrmacht due to Hitler's interest in archaeology and mysticism. The Wehrmacht often made loose alliances with other factions such as the Black Dragon Triad, the Hip Chen Tong, Republic of Hatay and the Royal Italian Army.


In 1935, Indiana Jones encountered Heer soldiers and divers searching for the third piece of the Mirror of Dreams in Istanbul. They were working alongside Turkish Mercenaries under orders from Colonel Albrecht Von Beck. They ultimately failed to obtain the third piece. Later, Indy encountered an large Kriegsmarine submarine base on Peng Lai Island in China while trying to save Mei Ying. He encountered soldiers, officers, divers and even flamethrower troops as he fought through the island and recovered many artifacts from them. He donned an officers uniform to reach a gondola station at the foot of Peng Lai Mountain. Indy also found Luftwaffe Messershmitts on the mountains and shot down many as he journeyed to the Black Dragon Fortress. Indy, Von Beck and a team of Heer soldiers entered the Emperor's Tomb soon after the evens at Peng Lai. Von Beck and his men navigated through the tomb's booby traps and arrived at the terra cotta maze. With a driller tank in tow, Von Beck planned to break through the walls and find the entrance to the Emperor's crypt. Soon, he was the only one left as his troops either perished or abandoned him. Von Beck himself would perish in a misinformed attempt to kill Jones with the driller tank, plunging down into a seemingly bottomless pit with a scream of terror.[1]

In 1936, Indy encountered and fought many Heer soldiers while searching for the Ark of the Covenant in Egypt. Most notably was when he destroyed a German Flying Wing aircraft being prepared to take the Ark back to Berlin and when he engaged in a Desert Chase to take the Ark from the Nazis. Similarly to his journey in China a year prior, Indy encountered another Kriegsmarine submarine base, this time at Geheimhaven, north of Crete. Similarly to the aforementioned adventure in China, he took a uniform and infiltrated the base. He witnessed the Ark of the Covenant's power on the island as it killed nearly everyone at the ceremony with the exception of Jones and Marion.[2]

In 1937, Indy encountered and fought Heer soldiers around the world while searching for the Great Circle.[3]

In 1938, Indy, while searching for the Holy Grail, discovered that the Wehrmacht were using Castle Brunwald as a secret base. Jones was chased away from the castle, after he rescued his father, by Heer soldiers on motorcycles. The pair were also chased by Luftwaffe Pilatus P-2 planes while trying to escape Germany. Indy's largest battle with them was in a Tank Chase in Hatay when the Germans made an alliance with the Sultan of Hatay in exchange for military equipment and permission to find the Grail in the Temple of the Sun. The actual chase to place when the Germans attempted to find the Canyon of the Crescent Moon. It ended in a Heer defeat. Many Heer soldiers reached the temple but abandoned the place after the Grail passed the seal.[4]

In 1939, Indy encountered and fought German soldiers while looking for the Staff of Kings.[5] He fought German Desert Commandos in Sudan, German Commandos in Panama working along side Pillagers, German secret agents in Istanbul, German Snow Patrols in Nepal and German Marines on board the Odin.[6] They were all accompanied by regular Heer soldiers.[6][7][8] He also found German soldiers and a German Bunker underneath the Paris Catacombs.[8]

Around the same time he encountered more Wehrmacht troops, this time hunting from Mayan relics in South America.[9]

Later that year, Indy fought many Wehrmacht soldiers as he searched for Atlantis, they had set up dig sits in Algeria.[10]

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Emperor's Tomb German Soldier Concept Art

German soldier concept art from Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

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