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West End Games (WEG) was a game company that produced roleplaying games. During the 1990s, it held a license to produce a game and supplementary material based on the Indiana Jones franchise.

The World of Indiana Jones roleplaying game was intended as a flagship for WEG's "MasterBook" system; all MasterBook titles used the same game mechanics. The system flopped, however, and in 1996 the company released Indiana Jones Adventures, describing how to play the game using the alternate "D6 System" rules.

In the late '90s, Peter Schweighofer, writer of the Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook and involved in the editing of the RPG material, proposed a relaunch of the line with the D6 system similar to the company's revised and expanded Star Wars roleplaying game.[1]

With no sourcebook dedicated to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade content, unlike the previous two films, Schweighofer had hoped to rectify the omission with a movie trilogy sourcebook as part of the relaunch but neither the relaunch nor the book came to fruition.[1]

In 1998, financial troubles caught up with the company, and it was forced to declare bankruptcy. As a result, WEG lost the licenses to a number of properties, including Indiana Jones.

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