Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie was an English archaeologist, who focused his work on ancient Egypt and Palestine. He pioneered a more systematic methodology to archaeology and excavation, focusing on keeping more artifacts that previous researches would have thrown away, and acting as his own dig foreman, putting thoroughness over speed.

In 1884-1885, Flinders Petrie discovered and excavated the ruins of the Greek settlement of Naukratis in the Nile Delta.


Before the turn of the century, Flinders also carried out initial excavations of Tanis, along with Auguste Mariette.[1]

He helped train and mentor Howard Carter, who Indiana Jones later encountered in Egypt in 1908.[2]

In 1938, Professor Indiana Jones assigned his archaeology class to read on Flinders Petrie's excavation of Naukratis as a start to the course section on Egyptology.[3]



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