William Howard Taft was a United States president who was elected to office in 1908 and held the position until 1912.


William Howard Taft was elected President of the United States of America in 1908.[1]

Around 1912, Professor Henry Jones, Sr met Taft at the White House where they discussed Taft's friendship with a medievalist and Henry's young son Indiana. Of the opinion that Henry and his son's travels together were disrupting the younger Jones's formal education, Taft offered to help find the boy a place at boarding school or a "suitable tutor".[2]

Professor Jones later wrote to Taft to enquire after his mediavalist friend. Taft replied back to express his regret that he had been unable to locate him but had to turn his attention back to seeking re-election against Woodrow Wilson.[2]

Despite his confidence that he would win,[2] Taft lost to Wilson whose inaugeration took place in 1913.[3]

In the early 1990s, Indiana Jones mentioned Taft to a woman at an art auction when he began telling her the story of his time in Paris during his father's world lecture tour.[1]



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