Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II. He was also an officer in the British Army, a historian, and later, a Nobel Prize-winner in literature.


In May 1916, while a member of Parliament and an officer in the British Army, he was the guest of honor at a dinner party in Oxford, England. His hosts had also invited Helen Seymour, who invited her houseguests, Indiana Jones and Vicky Prentiss.

At the dinner, Churchill brought up his role in trying to secure the right to vote for British soldiers serving at the front in World War I, to the approval of his hostess. Prentiss then pointed out Churchill's role in fighting against the Suffragettes. While Jones tried to divert the conversation onto other topics, Churchill and Prentiss verbally sparred over the issue of women's suffrage. Finally, Prentiss accidentally hit her silverware, which caused her dessert, a trifle, to go flying, and land on Churchill's head. Embarassed, Prentiss fled the dinner. Amused, Churchill remarked that Prentiss was a very spirited young woman, and wiped off the trifle, and the dinner continued.

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The role of Winston Churchill was played by Julian Fellowes in "London, May 1916".



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