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Winston Smith was an FBI agent, who went undercover, as "Wardrobe", in 1943 to join Malone's gang.


At some point between 1942-1943, Winston Smith received a mission involving the machine built by Professor Petryk. He joined a criminal gang, alias Wardrobe, to kidnap the inventor of the machine, but Malone, the boss of the gang, assigned him on August 18, 1943, with the task of capturing Indiana Jones as well. After Wardrobe overpowered Jones with his large frame, he dragged the archaeologist back to his boss.

He was also present at the Fisherman's Inn, on board the SMUGGLERS QUEEN, at Kansas City, in a jungle and in Hiob, Utah, but was defeated every time. On September 3, when Indiana Jones with the help of Malone's gang defeated Jake, Smith was revealed to be an FBI agent.