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Woolley Hall was the main site of Marshall College's history, anthropology and archaeology departments. Amongst some of the college students and staff, the faculty and learners of the building were nicknamed "Woollies".


Named after Charles Leonard Woolley, Woolley Hall was a large building which hosted a number of classrooms and faculty offices in addition to a main lecture hall located behind the building's central tower.[2]

Professor Indiana Jones taught classes out of Woolley Hall, including his Archaeology 101 lessons.[2]

After one such class in 1936, Jones met with Eaton and Musgrove, a pair of US intellgence agents, who hired the archaeologist to obtain the Ark of the Covenant.[2]

Behind the scenes[]


Woolley Hall in relation to the rest of the Marshall College in the Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, set in 1936,[3] the establishing shot of Woolley Hall is the exterior of the Faye Spanos Concert Hall in the University of the Pacific Conservatory, with the interior classroom filmed at Rickmansworth Masonic School in Hertfordshire, England.[4] For Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull's 1957 setting,[1] the footage of the Faye Spanos Concert Hall from Raiders was digitally edited and re-used to depict Woolley Hall.[5]

The Faye Spanos Concert Hall itself is an isolated building,[6] a detail which is reflected fleetingly through gaps in the foliage in front of Woolley Hall in the Indiana Jones movies.[3][1] However, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle shows the building as a much wider structure,[7] more in line with the interconnected Yale University architecture in Connecticut used to depict the expanded Marshall College campus in Crystal Skull.[5]



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