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World War II (or the Second World War) was a major worldwide conflict that followed what was then known as the Great War in bringing nations across the globe to fight once again. The war began in 1939 with the declaration of war on Germany by France and the United Kingdom, following the German invasion of Poland. It ended following Japan's surrender to the United States of America in 1945.[1][2] The main players in the war were the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) and the Allied powers (France, United Kingdom, United States, Soviet Union, and China). The results of the war were the defeat of fascist regimes in Germany and Italy, the rise of the United States and Soviet Union as the dominant superpowers, and the beginning of the Cold War.

Prelude to war[]

In his adventures during and after World War I, Indiana Jones saw hints of how another conflict might come to pass. After being captured in the Battle of the Somme in 1916, Jones met fellow prisoner of war Charles de Gaulle, who predicted that "the next great war will be fought with tanks and airplanes".[3] While at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, T. E. Lawrence also predicted such a war to his friend Jones.[4] Although all three men played a role in the first world war, Lawrence never saw World War II come to pass, as he died in a motorcycle accident in 1935.[2] Jones and de Gaulle became involved however; de Gaulle later led the Free French Forces—eventualy becoming the first president of the French Fifth Republic.[5]

In 1934 Alecia Dunstin had a recurring nightmare that if the world fougth the Nazis there would come a moment when a single bomb destroys an entire city and its inhabitants.[6]

In 1936, while under custody for erroneous accusations of treason, Jones was told by Colonel Bulldog Hannigan about how he would have been executed by a firing squad if his adjuntant hadn't reminded them that they weren't in a war officially yet so traitors couldn't be treated as they deserved, with Hannigan adding that the winds of war would soon sweep the Earth, spill the blood into the ground and wrack whole nations with horrible violence, which he would all enjoy every minute of it.[7]

Later that year, Gestapo agent Ilsa Toht told Jones about the Third Reich's intentions to persuade the South American natives into uprising against their governments to destroy American rubber interests to severely limit their production for war material,[8] while General Makimura of the Imperial Japan thought about defrosting a frozen dragon and unleashing it as a mighty weapon against all foreigners from the Pacific Ocean in the anticipation of the incoming conflict.[9]

In 1937, while flying to Lake Titicaca with Francisca Uribe del Arco and Croix de Guerre Antoine d'Espere, Jones was asked by d'Espere, another World War I veteran, if he found life dull since the war's conclusion and if he were excited if another war happened like he bet, something that a disturbed Jones denied.[10]

Adventures in World War II[]

Though the war had already been fighting for two years in Europe and Asia, the United States did not enter the war until after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Prior to this time, Jones had been contacted for a few missions by US Army Intelligence against Nazi searches for the Akashic Hall of Records and at Mount Sinai. By 1942, Jones, with his background in intelligence, was recruited into the Office of Strategic Services, along with Sophia Hapgood[11], and had become friends with MI6 agent George McHale and General Robert Ross,[12]. Jones and McHale regularly worked together during the conflict, disguising themselves as Nazis to steal the cipher machine responsible for generating Germany's Enigma codes. McHale had to save Jones' life again when they traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia when Jones felt the needle of amnesia darts. In 1942, they went on a mission to Flensburg.[2] In the summer of 1943, Jones and McHale took a brief leave and went in search of the Heart of Darkness, a black pearl, in Haiti, though ended up in the middle of a race between German and Japanese spies in search of an invincibility formula.[13]

Around D-Day (June 6) 1944, Jones received a form "go-get-em" letter from General Dwight D. Eisenhower. At this time, McHale also entrusted Jones with a letter to Penelope in the case that McHale was killed. Jones kept both of these letters in his journal.[14] At some point during the war, Jones and McHale also worked as double agents in Berlin, and also served in the Pacific theater.[15]

In 1944 Indiana Jones and Basil Shaw infiltrate a Nazi Stronghold,To enquire the Lance of Longinus which was later discovered to be a fake.Jones is Captured and interrogated by Colonel Weber and sentenced to death but he is able to escape with help from an allied bombing raid.

Meanwhile in a nearby forest Basil is captured by several guards and taken to a Nazis plunder Train.Indiana is able to steal a car and after a brief skirmish with several Nazis and is able to board the train.Jones takes out some guards on the train and is able to avoid Weber and other soldiers hunting him down,He reunites with Shaw and encounters a Nazis scientist Dr.Jürgen Voller and punches him.Jones and Shaw then fight Weber with Shaw shooting the Colonel and Jones throwing him him to his death.Voller then confronts the two Archaeologists but they both successfully escape with Antikythera just before the Allies destroy the bridge that was up ahead of the train.

In 1945, Jones and McHale were in Flensberg for the final action, perhaps in conjunction with the British effort to arrest the "Flensberg government" which took civilian power after Hitler's death. Jones kept a newspaper clipping from "The Sun" of the May 4 Nazi surrender in his journal.[16]

For his service to the United States during the war, Jones was decorated with many awards.[12] By the end of his military service, he had attained the rank of Colonel.[15]



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