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The Worldstone was part of a device used by the people of Atlantis which, according to the Lost Dialogue by Plato, was needed (along with the Sunstone and the Moonstone) to access important places.

One such Worldstone was buried with a King in a Mayan temple in Tikal. In 1939 Indiana Jones, helped Dr. Charles Sternhart open the tomb but Sternhart, who knew that it would give him access to the Atlantean monuments, claimed it and left.

He took it with him to the Labyrinth of Knossos. However, he died inside, and the stone was reclaimed by Jones who later used it to open the exit of the Labyrinth, and later to open the gates of the city itself.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the "Fists" path, the Worldstone is rediscovered by Sophia Hapgood while she is put inside a pit of the Labyrinth by the Nazis. Once rescued by Indy, she gives it to him.