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"I am Xomec, descendant of the mighty Chachapoyan warriors!"

Xomec was a descendant of the Chachapoyans who Indiana Jones fought in 1936. Leader of a group of Hovitos, Xomec teamed up with Ilsa Toht to acquire the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol.


Xomec never had a real fight with Indy but soon proved to be a worthy opponent. Their first meeting occurred in Marrakesh, when he and Ilsa were trying to steal the idol back to the Hovitos. What they didn't know was that Indiana Jones and Sallah were also there trying to get it to the museum. Indy and Sallah managed to take it from Xomec and Ilsa and a gunfight started. Indy and Sallah barely managed to escape.

They met again in New York, during a gala celebrating the idol's arrival. This time, Xomec had a group of Hovitos warriors with him to help. He stole back the idol and Jones followed Xomec to Brazil to get it back, but he was captured by Ilsa. Xomec took his bullwhip and tied him to the ground with strong ropes to be eaten alive by crocodiles. Indy managed to escape this too and followed them to an airplane. He jumped on as it started, something that Xomec noticed. Xomec attacked Indy with his own bullwhip, but he knew all its strengths and weaknesses and managed to take the whip end as Xomec attacked with it and pulled it so that Xomec lost his balance and fell from the airplane to his death.



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