Doctor Yamada Hajime was a Japanese officer searching for the Heart of Darkness on Zile Muri-yo in 1943. He was killed in the search for the artifact and ultimately became a zombi pawn of Marie Arnoux.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Yamada Hajime's wife and children lived in Nagasaki.

Yamada strongly believed in honor code of bushido because he came from a long family of warriors - his grandfather had been one of the last samurai to carry two swords for a shogun, and his uncle was a vice admiral in the Japanese navy. At some point prior to World War II, he had visited the United States and felt that the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor had been a tactical mistake in causing the Americans to join the war at that time.

In the summer of 1943, Yamada, a member of the Himitsu spy group, had been sent to Haiti to locate the formula for Haitian invincibility, with the rank of colonel in the Japanese army. Posing as a Chinese scholar, he set up in a villa in Port-au-Prince, where he used "Louis" as one of his local information collectors, and paid him more handsomely with money and fine rum than his rival in town, Edwin Gruber. He would stay in touch with the Japanese military via radio to a nearby submarine.

After a few weeks, Louis reported that two archaeologists had arrived in town asking for a guide to Zile Muri-yo. Believing the pair to be British and American spies in search of the same formula, Yamada had Louis follow them, and when they left town with Marie Arnoux, Yamada met up with his second-in-command, Suzuki, who took Yamada to the airport, where they flew with Suzuki's men to Marigot, where they took a boat to Zile Muri-yo. On the island, he spied on the arrival of Indiana Jones and George McHale, and correctly surmised that his targets intended to visit the store for provisioning their expedition.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Yamada was comfortable in nine languages, including French, Mandarin, Wu, German, English, and even a little Cantonese and Creole.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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