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Young Indiana Jones and the Circle of Death is the third young adult novel in the series from Random House, and the second by author William McCay. It was released in 1990.

Publisher's summary[]

"Herman, is that stone bleeding?"

What is going on? Indy and his friend Herman are in England exploring a mysterious ruin called Stonehenge. But the ancient stones are doing some strange and scary things. And lurking nearby is a pack of sinister, dark-robed men—led by a real-life wizard!

The wizard's plans threaten the peace of the world. Is anybody brave enough—or crazy enough—to try and stop him? But of course—young Indiana Jones!



  • Dracula (Mentioned only)
  • Mr. Carstairs
  • Mrs. Carstairs
  • Mr. Chadwick
  • Hans
  • Henry Wadsworth (Mentioned only)
  • Hollings
  • Henry Walton Jones, Sr.
  • Indiana Jones
  • Makem
  • Merlin
  • Herman Mueller
  • Herman Mueller, Sr.
  • Sir Neville
  • Paracelsus (Mentioned only)
  • Reggie Pengrave
  • Reginald Pengrave
  • Albrecht von Pappendorf
  • Ritter
  • General Scott
  • Harry Stone
  • Thurgood (Mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Welles
  • Christy Wilson (Mentioned only)



  • Black Druids
  • Dark Druids
  • White Druids (Mentioned only)
  • Snake (Mentioned only)
  • Boy's Own Adventure Magazine
    • "The Phantom of Fenley Marsh"
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Car
    • Model T Ford
    • Pierce-Arrow
    • Benz automobile
  • American Friends of Germany


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